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Shop at Green World Rewards and become part of the solution to reduce carbon globally. For every purchase you make GWR donates funds to offset the carbon footprint of the products you buy. Start living carbon-balanced now!



We donate up to 15% of each purchase (at no cost to you!) to carbon offsets. Save the world, and save money. Use GWR coupon codes to save your green when you shop.

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Welcome to Green World Rewards. Thank you for making a commitment to living responsibly and to reducing your carbon footprint. Shopping at GWR is free. In fact, even the donations GWR makes on your behalf don't cost you anything. As you make purchases, we’re automatically donating a percentage to (a not-for-profit organization). And, if you decide to REGISTER with us, you can easily track your purchases and donations as they’re made (you will soon find this feature on the GWR website. Please click on BETA-LEARN MORE tab above).

There are online shopping sites that raise funds for thousands of charities, and there are companies that share affiliate program discounts with consumers, but GWR is the only one to put these elements together in the name of one cause.

Green World Rewards thanks you for your commitment to protecting our environment. It is our honor to serve you.

Please visit our shopping pages and browse the many retailers, products, and services we offer. Find your favorite brands, products, styles and retailers using our SEARCH function on the site that allows you to easily locate what you're looking for.

Green World Rewards makes it easy for you to shop and make everyday purchases while helping to improve our environment.

We’re committed to ECOnomical shopping as a way of life.

You shop, we donate. It's that easy. We channel donations to one single worthwhile environmental cause so that your contributions can really make a difference.

Thank you for shopping Green World Rewards.


In The News... is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to reducing harmful CO2 emissions in our environment by eliminating them from the global marketplace. Carbon Fund does this by acquiring certified carbon credits on the carbon credit exchange in order to retire these credits forever. Retired carbon credits cannot be bought or exchanged by industries, encouraging them to discover new cleaner ways to operate and initiate new carbon projects.

When you shop at GWR you can see exactly how many tons of CO2 are offset from your donations (soon you will find this feature on the GWR website. Please click on the BETA-LEARN MORE tab above).

You can make a difference. You shop. You save. We donate. The world gets greener. 

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